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About Our Courses

Since 1984 .profile Consulting Inc. has been providing the highest quality training in C, C++, Unix, Object-Oriented Technology, Design Patterns, the Java programming language, XML, and now .NET and C#. All of our courses can be customized to meet your needs. The C, C++ and Java language series are structured as independent 1/2 day modules. We can help you build the course you need by selecting appropriate modules for the level of student backgrounds and amount of information you need to cover.

Hands-on Labs

If you have a lab environment available, then for most courses we can do hands on exercises interspersed with lectures to reinforce the material. It is very important in learning programming and computer systems that you actually write programs and use the system!

If you do not have a lab environment available but would like to have a hands-on course, we have access to several labs in the Boulder area that can be rented for our courses. You could also consider having students bring laptops to class.


In addition to having extensive training experience, all of .profile Consulting Inc.'s instructors are programmers in the systems and languages they teach, so they are up to date and give a practical perspective to the material. See the Instructor Background page for more information on individual instructors. References are available for all of our instructors.

Course Materials

We provide a workbook for each student which contains a copy of the lecture material, room for plenty of notes, lab exercises, and space for working out solutions and noting problems.

If you have a preference for a particular textbook, we would be glad to incorporate it into the class, use examples or exercises from it, or assign sections to read. If you would like the course to follow a text but aren't sure which one, we can help you choose an appropriate text.

In addition to the technical details of the system or language being presented, we bring other resources and places to get information about the system to the students' attention. These typically include things like Users Group information, technical conferences and trade shows, standards efforts and documents, newsletters, journals, magazines, and web sites.

Local Info

If you are local (Colorado Front Range), the course modules can be scheduled flexibility for your convenience. If students' work schedules or equipment availability make weekday classes inconvenient, the class could be scheduled for evenings or weekends or combinations of these.

We can also supply local references for many of our instructors, and invite you to take a first-hand look at some of our instructors who present courses at CU. Lou Vang, director of the Computer Applications program at the University of Colorado Division of Continuing Education, can supply references and student evaluations for the courses Carol Meier, Tom Cargill, Geoff Thompson, Paul Jensen, George Watson, and many of our other instructors have been teaching for students who are employed at many area companies like yours.

Also, if you are local, we can meet in person to discuss any modifications to the courses you may want, look more closely at textbooks, or other consultation about your training needs. Call us at 303-499-5940 to schedule a meeting.

Pricing and Availability

All courses are available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.
Many of our courses are offered publicly through the University of Colorado Division of Continuing Education, as ACM Professional Development Seminars, and at Conferences around the world.

What You Need to Do

After you review our information, we can discuss your needs further and we will put together course outlines and price quotes just for you. In order to schedule courses, we will need a purchase order to confirm commitment on your part, and a class count two weeks prior to the start of the class so student materials can be produced.

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