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JSP 2.0


JSP 2.0 brings important new features to the presentation component of J2EE programming. These new features make JSPs significantly easier to write and they allow for a totally clean separation of request processing (or business logic) from presentation. The focus of this course is best practices: how to use the new features to create well designed J2EE applications. In addition, the course will point out which features to use with care and which ones to avoid all together.


This is an intermediate to advanced level Java course. Students must have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of the Java language and must have experience with JSPs, servlets and general J2EE programming.

Core Topics
  • Expression Language (EL)
    EL makes accessing and inserting application data into pages easier and more concise than with JSP expressions with Java code.
  • JSTL: The JSP Standard Tag Library
    JSTL provides standard tags for the most common needs of JSP authors:
    • core tags for creating conditional output and iterating through collections and arrays
    • internationalization tags for formatting dates, time, and numbers
    • tags for processing XML
    • tags for using SQL
  • Custom Tags
    Allow developers to create re-usable custom functionality that can be inserted into JSPs using XML syntax. It is a very general purpose mechanism that can be used to process a request, output content to the response stream, or interact with application objects or other server-side functionality. Tags accepts parameters through XML attributes. They may also process the body of a tag and may include/exclude the content in the response, transform the content or use it as input to the tag.
  • Standard and Custom EL Functions
    The JSTL also provides a standard set of EL functions for processing strings. Also, developers can create their own custom functions.
  • Tag Files
    Tag files provide an alternative mechanism to create custom tags using JSPS as opposed to Java classes.

Geoff Thompson

Pricing and Availability

This course is available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.
This course is offered publicly through the University of Colorado Division of Continuing Education.

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