.profile Consulting Inc. presents:

A One Day Guided Tour of the

Java World

Course Description

Java is a new object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems which has achieved rapid and widespread popularity.

This course will cut through the hype surrounding Java and answer your questions: What is Java? Why is everyone so excited about it? Why is Java so much fun? Is it related to JavaScript? Why is it so popular on the Web? What is an applet? What else are people using Java for? Where did Java come from? What is it like? How does it compare to C++? What features does it have? Why is it so portable? What's wrong with it? What kind of performance does it have? What is just-in-time compilation? How do I get Java? How much does it cost? How is it licensed? What is 100% Pure Java? Who did Duke wave to first?

And that's just in the first hour. The rest of the day will be spent taking a technical tour of the language features and libraries to give you the information you need to evaluate Java's suitability for your projects. We'll explain, with program examples, the language basics, OO support, packages, interfaces, exceptions, dynamic class loading, threads and synchronization, inner classes, reflection, garbage collection, and native methods.

Next, we'll tour the rich set of libraries supporting I/O, data structures, networking, GUIs, applets, database connectivity, remote method invocation, internationalization, media and more. As time permits we'll address security, standardization, implementation technologies, Java Beans, Java Spaces, Java Server, JavaOS, JavaCC, JMAPI, JNDI, JTAPI, JFC, and other acronyms. Seat belts recommended.

Course Structure

The course is presented as 1 day of lecture with some live demonstration if facilities permit.

Audience Background

This course assumes intermediate level experience with any common programming language. You don't need to be an object-oriented programmer, but the more technical your background, the more you will get from the course. Language features will be presented at several levels, to accommodate a diverse audience.


Tom Cargill, Carol Meier, and George Watson

Pricing and Availability

This course is available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.

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