.profile Consulting Inc. presents:

An Interactive Workshop on

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Course Description

This workshop combines lecture material with problem-solving exercises. Lectures cover the principles of object-oriented analysis and design. The exercises take a manageable, but non-trivial task (a small email system) from analysis through design. The primary analysis tools are Rumbaugh Links and CRC cards, though the instructor can address other methodologies. The primary design tool is interface prototyping, which can be done in either C++ or Java.

Course Structure

The course can be presented as one or more days of interactive workshop. Workshops longer than one day will have time to address client-specific projects. Typical workshops run three days.
Because this workshop is highly interactive and focuses on problem solving as a group design exercise, it is most effective with a small group. Therefore the class size is limited to 15 people. The optimal size is five to seven people. Larger classes will be broken into small working groups.

Intended Audience

Programmers with some knowledge of objects, using or considering an object-oriented language, such as C++ or Java, for production software development. This workshop is most effective when done just after the introductory C++ or Java modules, before going on to intermediate level. At that point students know what objects are, and are ready to tackle design questions.

  • Seamless Development
  • Advantages of Object Technology
  • O-O Analysis
  • Abstraction
  • Natural versus Synthetic Abstractions
  • Object Diagram Notation
  • Finding The Natural Abstractions
  • Rumbaugh's Links
  • Thinning the List of Candidate Classes
  • Building the Object Model
  • CRC Cards
  • Responsibility Driven Design
  • Collaboration
  • The CRC Method
  • Mapping CRC To C++
  • Interface Prototyping
  • O-O Design Criteria
  • Class Design Techniques
  • Coupling and Cohesion
  • Skeleton Implementations

Thomas A. Cargill, Ph.D.

Pricing and Availability

This course is available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.

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