.profile Consulting Inc. presents:

A One Day Tour of

Java Servlets

for Java Programmers


Servlets are a Java technology for dynamically generating HTML pages and other web-based content. The course will help make Java developers productive in Servlets, and will discuss where Servlets are and are not appropriate.

Course Structure

This is a one-day course, which can be presented in half-day increments. Much of the material will be presented with example code. Lab exercises are included.


Students should have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Java, and at least some familiarity with HTML and other web technologies.

  • What is a servlet?
  • "Hello World" as a servlet
  • Making sense of servlet terminology
  • Core Classes:
    • Servlet, ServletRequest, ServletResponse
    • HttpServlet, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse
  • Threading implications
  • Gotchas
  • Hints for writing useful servlets
  • Related technologies: RMI, CORBA, JDBC, JSP
  • Competing technologies: CGI/Perl, ASP, server-side Javascript
Recommended Text

Java Servlet Programming, by Hunter & Crawford (O'Reilly, 1999)


Greg Holling

Pricing and Availability

This course is available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.

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