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An Interactive Workshop on

XP - Extreme Programming

Course Description
Extreme programming (XP) is a technique for small development teams to quickly develop quality software in the face of rapidly changing requirements. It is a lightweight methodology that challenges many of the sacred cows of software development. In this workshop, you will become more comfortable with the extreme programming methodology and with the more general concept of agile methodologies.
Course Structure
The best way to learn about XP is to experience it, so we will spend a fair amount of the workshop time setting up a simulated extreme programming project, and developing a small software application.
Students should be comfortable writing code in either Java or C++, and should be ready to challenge their basic assumptions about the way software should be written.
Recommended Text
Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, Kent Beck.
Greg Holling, B.S.
Pricing and Availability
This course is available on-site at your location. Please call .profile Consulting Inc. at (303) 499-5940 or email us at cjm@profcon.com for pricing, instructor availability and scheduling.

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