Here is the public domain source code for some command line tools that I use when programming in Java.


ImportGen reads a .java source file and generates a list of import statements that might be needed in the source file.

Use it like:

  prompt$ java com.profcon.javatools.ImportGen

It writes a sequence of import statements to its standard output.

The source is


MethodByClass integrates the method information that might be obtained by applying javap to a class and all its interfaces and superclasses. This shows where methods are introduced and overridden.

Use it like:

  prompt$ java com.profcon.javatools.MethodByClasss AnyClass

See this example.

The source is


Based on the classpath under which it is invoked, ListClasses outputs all the classes in the classpath. Each class is on a separate line, followed by the classpath entry from which it was found.

Use it like:

  prompt$ java com.profcon.javatools.ListClasses

To discover if the same class is in the classpath twice, use something like:

  prompt$ java com.profcon.javatools.ListClasses | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -d

The source is

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