.profile Consulting Inc. Instructors:

Carol J. Meier, M.S.

Carol Meier is the author of .profile Consulting Inc.'s C programming courses and Intro to Object-Oriented Programming in Java modules.

Carol currently owns, operates, develops courseware, teaches and consults for .profile Consulting Inc., which provides consulting and training in C, C++, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns, XML, and the Java programming language.

After completing her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 1980, Carol joined Bell Telephone Laboratories. There she was responsible for the design and implementation of an integral component of a large scale development project. In July 1983 Carol became an independent consultant specializing in UNIX and C application development. She has done contract programming for a wide variety of companies.

In September of 1984 she developed a set of hands-on C and UNIX courses for the University of Colorado, where she continues to teach C and Java. She has frequently presented tutorials for technical conferences sponsored by the Usenix Association and the European UNIX Systems Users Group, and trade shows sponsored by Uniforum. Carol has presented hundreds of public and on-site seminars throughout the world.

As a co-founder of XVT Software Inc. in 1988, Carol worked on implementations of XVT, a virtual toolkit that allows applications to be programmed portably across a variety of popular graphical windowing systems including X Windows, Motif, OPEN LOOK, Macintosh, OS/2 Presentation Manager and Microsoft Windows/NT. During her seven years there she developed numerous components in the XVT product line, authored and taught the original XVT training courses, provided customer support, was a sales engineer, and a myriad of other special projects involved in growing a company from scratch to over 120 employees.

Dave Taenzer, M.S.

Dave Taenzer teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s Java, XML, and OOAD classes.

Dave Taenzer is an independent trainer and consultant with more than 23 years experience in software and new product development. He has worked in a wide variety of areas including Internet, World Wide Web, high volume email production, interactive television and multimedia, telecommunications, object-oriented and relational databases, artificial intelligence, office automation, and systems programming. He has over 12 years of experience with object- oriented programming languages including Java, C++, Objective-C and Smalltalk.

Dave has taught classes on object-oriented programming for more that 10 years. He received B.S. and M.S degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Richard Hackathorn, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Hackathorn is co-author of XML for Managers.

Dr. Richard Hackathorn is president and founder of WFC. He is a well-known technology innovator and international educator with over thirty years of experience in the IT industry. As a university professor at the Wharton School and at the University of Colorado, he pioneered the fundamental concepts of enterprise systems, database management, decision support, and data warehousing. In 1980, he founded MicroDecisionware, Inc., an early vendor of database connectivity products that was acquired by Sybase. In 1991, he founded Bolder Technology, Inc. to provide premier consulting and education services related to data warehousing systems. Recently, he founded WFC to explore the commercialization of the web farming area.

He has published three books, written numerous articles, organized major conferences, and conducted professional seminars in sixteen countries. He received his B.S. degree from the California Institute of Technology and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Irvine.

Geoff Thompson, M.S.

Geoff Thompson is the author of GUI Programming in Java and Web Development using Java.

Geoff Thompson is the President of Bear Peak Software. He provides software consulting, specializing in Java and cross-platform GUI design and development. He has over 24 years of experience in the software industry and has been a consultant since 1984. Geoff earned his MS in Computer Science and BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia.

Since 1988, Geoff has been concentrating on the development of tools for cross-platform GUI development. During this time he has worked extensively with the X Window System, Motif, XVT (the Extensible Virtual Toolkit), the Macintosh Toolbox and the Windows SDK. Currently he is specializing in the Java AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit). Geoff has also provided consulting, training, and product development to numerous companies in cross-platform GUI design and development.

Previously, Geoff has been a member of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories, Interactive Systems Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation where he has had a wide range of experience in:

  • UNIX and C
  • internationalization of the UNIX kernel, libaries, and commands
  • character based user interface tools and editors
  • performance measurements

Geoff has taught classes and given technical presentations for numerous organizations throughout the United States and Europe including: AT&T, IBM, Lucent Technologies, DEC, the University of Colorado Continuing Education, and the ACM. He has taught numerous courses in GUI Programming in Java, Web Development using Java, Cross-platform Design, C, X, Motif, and UNIX Programming Tools.

Paul Jensen, M.S.

Paul Jensen teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++ and OOAD classes.

During his 18 year career at AT&T Bell Laboratories from 1963 to 1981, Paul worked on a variety of research and development projects, as well as supervising software development groups and teaching Computer Science at Polytechnic Institute of New York. From 1981 to 1988 he developed software for several Boulder based companies. In his current role as an independent consultant, Paul has been involved in software design and development of remote sensing applications, teaching a variety of courses in programming and design, and creating workshop materials for programming practices.

Throughout his career Paul has worked in areas as diverse as computer graphics, hardware simulation, operating systems, programming languages and compilers, real-time multi-processor command and control systems, performance analysis, packet switching system design, network software, WYSIWYG publishing systems, and bit-mapped graphics, to name a few. More recent experience, much of which has been in C++, includes image processing and control of a video system for studying coral reef fish, analysis and visualization of multi-spectral satellite imagery, creation of 3D scenes from satellite imagery, and demo software for a commercial C++ image processing library.

Paul develops image processing software for remote sensing applications. His current product is an image editor focused on creating virtual mosaics of large georeferenced images and using these to build efficient VRML terrain scenes.

As an Object-Oriented Analysis/C++ course instructor and technical editor involved in course development, he has presented dozens of public and on-site seminars for professional programmers across the country and in Turkey.

Mark Abbott, Ph.D.

Mark Abbott teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s Java classes.

Mark Abbott is President of Mark Abbott Consulting, Inc. As a consultant and trainer, he specializes in Java.

Mark holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Arizona, where he developed new techniques for operating system support of networking, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. He spent one year as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Penn State University, where he received the highest Quality of Instructor evaluation for an undergraduate course in the Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Mark has over 7 years in the software industry, developing software ranging from operating systems to applications for Bell Laboratories, IBM, New Era of Networks, Canon, and Decisionism. He has specialized in Java since February 1997, including co-development of a graphical color-calibration application for laser printers and the GUI side of a CORBA-based client-server datamart management product.

Mark is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Java Developer.

Dave Rodenbaugh, B.A.

Dave Rodenbaugh authored our Enterprise Java Beans course, and teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s Java, Design Patterns, and OOAD classes.

Dave Rodenbaugh is a Principal at Skyline Consulting, a local software development firm, where he architects and develops e-commerce applications for his clients. Currently, he is working on a medical claims handling system for a major insurance carrier here in CO. He has extensive experience in OOAD, complex user interface design, enterprise application development, design patterns and cross-platform portability.

Dave was formerly a Project Lead at Athene Software where he managed a development team to create a web-based front end to an enterprise EJB application. Prior to Athene, Dave worked at Rogue Wave Software where he was an instructor for Rogue Wave's training courses and senior technical lead for large consulting projects in the Professional Services Group.

Dave was also a member of the technical staff at XVT Software as well as The Stoker Group. Dave graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in Physics with honors and has been a software consultant since 1994. He has been teaching students for over 10 years on a variety of topics, including Java, XML/XSL, EJB, Design Patterns, OOAD and C++.

Dave teaches .profile's Java classes both at the University of Colorado as well as on-site for customers. Dave has been writing enterprise software in Java since 1996 and is a Sun-certified Java Programmer and Sun-certified Java Developer.

Brian DeCamp, M.S.

Brian DeCamp teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s Java classes.

Brian DeCamp is an independent consultant and trainer specializing in Java, C and C++, relational database systems, and cooperative processing in UNIX and NT environments. He has 8 years of experience in object-oriented software design and has been a consultant since 1992. Brian holds a B.S.E.E. in Digital Design from the University of Tennessee. He did graduate studies in computer science at George Washington University, and is currently seeking a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Colorado.

For his doctoral research, Brian is using Java and C++ to develop cognitive models for natural language speech recognition. He is also a contract engineer at XVT Software, where he is currently building a database tracking system for State Farm Insurance. He was the lead designer for XVT's ODBC++ product, an object-oriented extension of the ODBC standard.

Before moving to Colorado in 1995, Brian was a consultant and trainer at Andersen Consulting in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. As a trainer, he taught C++ and Cooperative Processing. As a consultant, he developed distributed database systems for clients in the health care industry, including NovaCare Inc. and Inova Health Systems.

At the Center for Night Vision and Electro-Optics in Virginia, Brian developed case tools for image processing and published his research in pattern recognition algorithms.

Richard Wolniewicz, Ph.D.

Richard Wolniewicz teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++, Java, Design Patterns and OOAD classes.

Richard Wolniewicz is the VP Engineering, Analytics at CSG Systems, Inc., the leading provider of billing services to the Broadband industry. Richard specializes in database, machine learning, and object-oriented technologies. Richard holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, Database Systems from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

In his 14 years in the software industry, Richard has designed and implemented database systems for many clients, and overseen a number of database and analytics software projects. Richard has worked at a number of organizations, including Athene Software, Flatirons Computing, HeurisTec Corp., XVT Software, and the University of Colorado.

Richard has taught classes in Java, C++, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns, ODBC, software project management, and relational databases.

Dave Leberknight, M.S.

Dave Leberknight teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++ and OOAD classes.

Dave is a software consultant and trainer affiliated with Software Federation Inc., based in Boulder, Colorado. As a consultant, he specializes in relational database technology and Object-Oriented design, CAD, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and linguistics. He also provides consulting and product development using C++ and SYBASE, on UNIX or Windows platforms. Dave holds an M.S. in Computational Linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Dave has over 14 years of experience in the computer industry, including Cadnetix and NeoCad, Inc. in Boulder, and Japan Marketing Data Systems, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a consultant since 1990.

As a developer, Dave has implemented numerous database systems and has extensive experience in all aspects of database design, from gathering system requirements and chosing the hardware to modeling the data and writing the user interface. He has been using C++ extensively since 1991. His current project is a C++ application for StorageTek.

As a trainer, Dave has developed and presented courses in C++ Programming, Object-Oriented Design, Object Modeling, SQL Programming, and Database Technology, at client sites including US West and StorageTek. He is currently an instructor at the University of Colorado, Department of Continuing Education.

Greg Holling, B.S.

Greg Holling is the author of our Java Beans, Servlets, and Java 2D/3D courses. He also teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++, Design Patterns and Java classes.

Greg Holling is an independent consultant and trainer with over 20 years in the software development industry, including seven years at Visual Numerics, Inc. He is the president of Visionary Computer Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in GUI, object oriented, scientific, and graphics software.

Greg has worked at all levels of software development, from architect/lead to programmer/analyst. He was the product architect for three applications developed at U S. West, and has designed and written numerous geochemical and geophysical applications for clients including CompuServe, Inc., Noranda Exploration, Inc., and Texasgulf Minerals & Metals, Inc.

Greg has a keen interest in the process of software engineering. At Visual Numerics, Inc., he worked on the original prototype for PV-Wave Point & Click, a GUI-based scientific visualization program, and followed the project through to completion as the technical project lead. Along the way, he formed a team of engineers whose focus was to find ways to make the process of writing software more predictable and less difficult.

Greg has been teaching software development courses since 1988. He has been training and developing software with Java since early 1996, and with C++ since 1991. He holds a B.S. in computer science and a B.S. in physics, both from Colorado State University, and is a Sun-certified Java Programmer.

Ron Schweikert, B.S.

Ron Schweikert teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++, OOAD and Java classes.

Ron is an independent software consutant and trainer, and founder of Solutions++, a Colorado based consulting company. As a consultant, he is currently focused on cross-platform graphical user interface design and development, and extensive Oracle database work. In addition, Ron is using Java to develop his own commercial products that tie databases to spreadsheet GUI interfaces.

Ron has over 15 years of experience in the computer industry, including NBI, U S West Information Technologies, and StorageTek. He began supporting UNIX systems, hardware, networking and database products in the early 1980's. He moved into applications development that included a medical database for patient care, an intelligent knowledge base for technology transfer among support personnel, and numerous other projects in database and client-server applications in heterogeneous environments.

Ron's support experience provided valuable insights that continue to drive his teaching methodology as well as applications design. As a trainer, he has developed and presented courses in in C, C++, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, UNIX Systems Administration, and Networking (distributed database and client-server) products.

Jim Elliott, M.S.

Jim Elliott teaches .profile Consulting Inc's C, C++, Design Patterns, and OOAD classes.

Jim has been programming for 25 years on mini computers, micro computers, and workstations. Since 1993, he has written I/O drivers, telecommunications applications, and the software controlling his own house in C++. While acting as the software project lead at Aztek Engineering he lead the design of a distributed implementation of equipment in a telephone access network. He has also worked in the fluid flow meter industry at Micro Motion and RAID storage at Array Technology.

In addition to teaching adults C++ and object-oriented software engineering to coworkers and serving as Affiliate Faculty in the School for Professional Studies at Regis University, Jim has taught Java to 8th graders at Boulder Country Day School.

Doug Young, B.A.

Doug Young teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s C++ classes.

Doug Young graduated from Cornell University in 1985 with a B.A. in Computer Science. He moved to Boulder, Colorado where he has been a member of the technical staff at Auto-trol Technology, Solbourne Computer, and XVT Software.

He has been a professional software consultant since 1995. Doug is a co-founder of Corybant Inc., which specializes in healthcare information systems (HIS) and clinical image management systems. He has been doing object-oriented analysis and design since 1991, using C, C++ and most recently, Java.

George Watson

George Watson teaches.profile Consulting Inc.'s Java classes.
George is currently doing embedded systems and device driver development for Epilog Corporation, a maker of laser cutting and marking products. Prior to that he was vice-president and a co-founder of The Stoker Group, a team/project oriented consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado.

George has been developing software across a broad variety of domains for almost 20 years. He has been working with object technologies for the past 10 years and has architected, developed, and deployed a number of successful systems and products. He has extensive experience in object-oriented analysis and design, molecular modeling, computer-aided dispatch, health care and others. Since mid-1995 he has been working with Java developing database related packages.

As an instructor, George has taught Java at the University of Colorado and as on-site courses through .profile Consulting Inc. George has also taught algorithms and operating systems theory.

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